Monday, May 22, 2006

Silver-plated, personalized beer can holder

personalized silver beer can holder to keep beer cold
Your groomsmen will enjoy their VIP status by showing off with this elegant silver-plated can cooler. Perfect for keeping their drink cold at the bachelor party or wedding reception.
This silver-plated little beaut costs $21 - twenty-one dollars. It doesn't just say class; it's more that it hollers it from across the room while punching the air with its fist and making comments about your daughter.


AlwaysABride said...

To say this is some godawful wedding crap is unnecessary -- the damn thing speaks for itself! OMG -- who would actually buy this!?!?!?

I am SO glad I found your site -- it puts a smile on my face daily!!!! You are my new fave on the blogroll.

Anonymous said...

The mind boggles, and so do I.

Dataceptionist said...

Hahahahahahhaa I think thats hilarious. Possibly more so I hale from the Land Of Yobbo (Oz) and can think of several guys who would think nothing of it.

Erica said...

Mostly, I love that there is a can of diet coke in there. I think this would be a better gift for your DC slugging bridesmiads. HY-sterical

Aiden said...

I want one. You hear me Phil?

Kit said...

I don't get it. Since it's metal, wouldn't your hand still get cold? This totally defeats the point.