Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Holy cow!

I have to admit, I just don't understand this site. First, check out the little cow bride (on the main page, scroll about three-quarters of the way down). She's a cutie, no doubt about it, which is probably why her picture on the main page is captioned: "Wishing You a Lifetime of Udder Joy." A little weird, but whatever. People like cows. Next up, we have a selection of matching cattle-themed grooms. Scratch that: military cattle-themed grooms. Meet the Navy groom ("I Cudn't Be Happier To Serve My Country"): The Army groom ("I Love to Serve Americow"): And finally, the Marine groom ("Steer Me In The Right Direction"): Nowhere on the site does one see the word "bull".


Anonymous said...

Wow, that site is godawful! And, how could you have missed this gem!?

It's a mouse! It's a fish! No, It's- F*@% what the hell IS that?

The Lowe said...

Oh my God - that's the cake topper to top all.

Twistie said...

I have to say, cake toppers per se have always mystified me, but whatever. Some people are happier making sure everybody knows it's a wedding by putting wedding-themed crap on everything.

These cows, however...the cow can't marry a guy not in uniform? You have to buy not one but TWO pieces of udder crap???

The only think I can say in defense of these is they aren't the Precious Moments glurpy little children. Ick.

I actually prefer the mermice because at least they're original, if not any other laudable thing!

Riona said...

Anonymous, whoever you are, thank you for the link to the, mermice?

Never teh Bride said...

This one kind of makes it look like the bride and groom are bumping and grinding:

Riona said...

NTB, wow. I wonder what she's saying to him?