Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm absolutely smitten with the advice and the language of the SYL advice pages. Looking for tips to become his wife?

He is young, modest, smart, tall, goes in for sport, has high ideals and aims. From all points of view he deserves you. But how to make him understand it? That is a question. Try dances. Manage so that he will be in your company for this Saturday evening going to disco. Dance is the best way to seduce a man- nice music, colorful lights, you are close to each other. That is - potential husband is caught on the hook. Next step is to act very interested in him and defenceless and ask him to do something very manful for your, like to fix a broken lock or put right the book shelf (you like to read and buy so many books that the shelf has broken).

This site will reward close attention. For example, did you know that there are eight types of men? My favorite:

Category 6. Sissy or crushed. Both can be easily married by any woman.