Friday, May 25, 2007

Weekly Wedding Link of Awesome

Iranian blogger Jadi writes about about his friend's Maryam's aghd ceremony:
I want to mention an addition in her Aghd ceremonies. Aghd is a religious word for "marriage" and in our traditions it consists sitting in front of a Mirror + Flowers + Some sweets + Rings + ... and here + 1 Million Signatures For Equal Rights booklets! You can see the booklets at the bottom right. These are the booklets used when people are collecting signatures to say "We need equal rights for men and women".

But that's not what I meant!

Slightly distressed as a check of Sitemeter reveals that GWC is the #2 result for How to treat man like a crap. Kind of charmed by the use of "man" (as in mankind?) and "a crap", though. Both broader and more specific than "how to treat a man like crap" for which GWC doesn't even appear on the first page. Again, we wish the researcher all the best with his or her inquiries but must direct them elsewhere. Bye now.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jodie Marsh is getting married: Why the legwarmers, I wonder?

Jodie Marsh and her wedding legwarmers Men are invited to submit an application for a series of open auditions for the chance to marry Jodie Marsh in September. The search and subsequent wedding will be filmed for MTV and - if the bride's ensemble is anything to go by - promises to be quite the show. Apply online at Marry Jodie Marsh.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekly Wedding Link of Awesome

Anthony and Claire's Wedding Dance

Most. Romantic. Caketopper. Ever.

Thanks to the gals at Kvetch, check out: wedding cake topper showing a groom putting money in a bride's garter Need to see a little bit more of Bobby? Feast your eyes, my friends. Feast your eyes. I'd hold out until he peels off a couple more twenties, though. Available from Thumbprint Kids, right here.
Update: Hang on to those bills, my bridegroom buddies. Agent Rachael has just pointed out that once of these little things will set you back $2500. For that kind of money you could be knee-deep in doughnuts.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wedding cake patent: A plurality of tulles

The atmosphere of excitement may aggravate the difficulty of distributing confetti or birdseed to all the wedding attendees. Further, wedding cakes commonly served at wedding parties need to be properly portioned, cut and placed on plates requiring the effort of someone skilled with the hands, a facility which all the attendees do not usually possess. The cake itself can be difficult or time consuming to make, and the whole event might require considerable clean up when completed.

Accordingly, a need remains for a simulated wedding cake that overcomes the above-noted shortcomings.

Inventor Rosemarie E. McGuigan has stepped up to the plate with U.S. Patent 7,021,465.

The simulated cake further includes a plurality of capsules that have a top opening for selectively receiving a variable quantity of bird seed and confetti therein, for example. Such a plurality of capsules are removably positionable into the plurality of holes. The present invention further includes a plurality of tulles engageable about the plurality of capsules. A plurality of ribbons are also attachable to the plurality of tulles for tying the respective top portions thereof. Advantageously, bird seed and confetti may be selectively contained therein until a user desires to sprinkle same over the bride and groom. The present invention further includes a plurality of rings engaged with the plurality of ribbons respectively.

I am totally in love with the Patent Office and its requirement of the word "plurality". It's a word I resolve to use more often.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Christ. Another one.

wedding cake topper with groom on the end of a hook
I've said it before (more than once), and I am certain I will say it again, but still: who buys these things?

Wedding beer can koozie: More ways to keep the amber nectar cool

beer coozy with the slogan love is all around
If you're looking for a gift for the man in your life, and you, like, hate him or something, remember that he'd probably enjoy standing around at parties with his friends - his male friends - drinking beer out of a coozy emblazoned with the slogan "Love Is All Around". Get them here.