Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wedding cake patent: A plurality of tulles

The atmosphere of excitement may aggravate the difficulty of distributing confetti or birdseed to all the wedding attendees. Further, wedding cakes commonly served at wedding parties need to be properly portioned, cut and placed on plates requiring the effort of someone skilled with the hands, a facility which all the attendees do not usually possess. The cake itself can be difficult or time consuming to make, and the whole event might require considerable clean up when completed.

Accordingly, a need remains for a simulated wedding cake that overcomes the above-noted shortcomings.

Inventor Rosemarie E. McGuigan has stepped up to the plate with U.S. Patent 7,021,465.

The simulated cake further includes a plurality of capsules that have a top opening for selectively receiving a variable quantity of bird seed and confetti therein, for example. Such a plurality of capsules are removably positionable into the plurality of holes. The present invention further includes a plurality of tulles engageable about the plurality of capsules. A plurality of ribbons are also attachable to the plurality of tulles for tying the respective top portions thereof. Advantageously, bird seed and confetti may be selectively contained therein until a user desires to sprinkle same over the bride and groom. The present invention further includes a plurality of rings engaged with the plurality of ribbons respectively.

I am totally in love with the Patent Office and its requirement of the word "plurality". It's a word I resolve to use more often.


Anonymous said...

If I went to a wedding and found out the cake was birdseed, there would be at least heck to pay.

No cake, no peace. :)


Rhonda said...

Simply genius! I think this will definitly catch on!.........NOT!

Anonymous said...

(Rolls about on floor, helpless with mirth)

They'd have a long wait for me to desire to sprinkle things over the happy couple. Also, like ChgoRed, I would not be cheerful if this turned out to be the cake!

In short, I have a plurality of problems with this concept.


Anonymous said...

"Such a plurality of capsules are removably positionable into the plurality of holes"

That just sounds...dirty.

Riona said...

Anonymous, I'm digging the plurality of double entendres!

Anonymous said...

ha i see you guys must not be married , you cant even see passed the basic design, of the cake. you duffs its not a real cake its a storage unit to be used to keep the confetti and thebird seed in .the tubs are given as a memento of the ceremony you jerks would not know what triditions are anyway you were probly knocked up at 16 and had no weadding.

Anonymous said...

I believe what the previous poster is attempting to state is that the invention is supposed to be a unique way to hold and display the bird-seed or rice or confetti that some wedding guests traditionally throw at the newly married couple. This invention does not seem to me to be a replacement of the wedding cake but a kitschy way of harboring tossables for safekeeping. Not every culture has the tradition of throwing rice at the bride and groom...and some couples elect a more eco friendly birdseed or flower petals.
It's cute. Not for every bride but will certainlly play to the suburban walmart wedding planner crowd.

Anonymous said...

If you people would read what this is for at a wedding, Maybe you would understand that it does not replace the cake. It is a decoration to aid in the enjoyment of the festivities. Instead of a bowl or bag to hold what you throw after the ceramony, it adds to the eleagance of the moment.

Eston said...
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