Friday, May 18, 2007

Most. Romantic. Caketopper. Ever.

Thanks to the gals at Kvetch, check out: wedding cake topper showing a groom putting money in a bride's garter Need to see a little bit more of Bobby? Feast your eyes, my friends. Feast your eyes. I'd hold out until he peels off a couple more twenties, though. Available from Thumbprint Kids, right here.
Update: Hang on to those bills, my bridegroom buddies. Agent Rachael has just pointed out that once of these little things will set you back $2500. For that kind of money you could be knee-deep in doughnuts.


Rachael said...

Holy shit, did you see how much those things cost? $2500!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you see this one?

Because firearms are SOOO romantic.


Anonymous said...

I don't even like donuts that much, but I sure as hell would rather take them than this...this...thing.


Canaduck said...

Wow, those things are amazing. I mean, okay, some of them are really tacky, theme-wise, but they are incredibly well-made. They look so much like the people they're supposed to represent! I work with this exact type of clay so I have an idea of what the artist is dealing with, and I'm quite impressed.

I think they are pretty overpriced, though, heh.

Anonymous said...

oh man. check out the custom cake toppers here:



Jarrett Carter said...

As if the hat wasn't enough, the dumb smirk on his face seals the deal.

Anonymous said...

They are overpriced, for sure. The detail is fantastic though. I mean, the tiny bride even has a French manicure.

Still, I can't see one of those realistically costing more than $300, tops.

Eston said...
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