Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dolphins ... or unicorns?

You know, until you start planning a wedding, you have just no idea of the kind of stuff that’s out there. Take cake toppers. I’m not what you called drawn to the little figurines, and after I failed to convince the Tall Fella that we should go with Master Chief from Halo and the Bride (veiled) from Kill Bill, I pretty much settled for a simple cake topped with daisies. Until I discovered Designs by Dorian. Her dolphin (“thought to be one of the more magical animals on this planet [emphasis added]”, unicorn, and fairy caketopper are charming but perhaps a little … obvious. Let’s push the envelope a little and consider, for example, an NFL Baltimore Ravens cake topper:
A Raven couple gaze into each others eyes on a field of grass-like moss with purple and gold flowers. The bride, sitting atop an NFL endorsed Baltimore Ravens football, is veiled, sports purple iridescent glitter, and wears a gold crown [hey! that's what I'm going to wear!]; the groom wears a top hat and sports black iridescent glitter dust and a purple boutonnière.

For a Brokeback-themed wedding, you couldn’t do better than the Western theme.

This cake top is home for two noble, cavorting horses in a field of grass and roses, backed by a silver horseshoe (or cowboy hat) … While perfect for the Cowboy, the free, wild spirit in us all, horses are metaphor for much more: Love, devotion, and loyalty are paramount. But stamina, strength and mobility are formidable, and wisdom, intellect, and gentleness are not to be overlooked.

Stamina and strength are, in this case, represented by “white & yellow roses and a yellow stone … white tulle [that] cascades over the base, and iridescent rainbow glitter dust.”

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The Lowe said...

If they can do Ravens they can do Seahawks! I know you want it.