Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Perfect Wedding Scam

I'm conflicted about registries. As a guest I've often appreciated the convenience. However, we both dislike the idea of handing guests a shopping list. So we've compromised: we have a registry but nobody knows about it. If only I'd known about This site lets couples register for ... money! They create a Paypal account and inform guests that they've registered for ... money! Guests log on, view their invoice, and submit payment. Best of all, the site offers a "printable list to generate thank you cards". Nothing makes me feel like my gift has been appreciated than knowing that the couple took the time to generate a thank-you message. Why is site so fiendishly clever? Well, they don't deposit the money into your Paypal account until your wedding day - so they get to hang onto gifts and make some $$ off the deposit. Plus, they deduct 7% from the amount sent to the couple. So in return for a "polite way to ask for money", the couple is stung for 7%. If you're going to give money, wouldn't you prefer to slip a check into a pretty card?


The Lowe said...

Why don't you want to tell people that you're registered at Crate and Barrel? You've picked out some great things.

Never teh Bride said...

Truly tasteless.

I can understand registry discomfort. An old friend of mine is engaged and has included huge registry reminders in her engagement party invitations and bridal shower invitations. I want to point her to Miss Manners.

The Practical Bride said...

A gift is a gift - not to be expected but should be appreciated. Reality is that every gift costs money. On the practical side of things, Giftpile offers a honeymoon registry. Couples still budget for their honeymoon but if friends and family insist on purchasing a wedding gift.. and for the couple who doesn't need more home accessories... why not contribute towards something memorable for the happy couple (sunset dinner cruise, breakfast in bed, horseback riding, pampering at the spa, drinks by the poolside...). It's a fun gift and who knows - once you see their honeymoon pictures, you might just want to mimic their trip.

Kit said...

I consider the "pretty card" the normal 7%. Gods, I hate greeting cards.