Friday, June 09, 2006

As My Little Girl Gets Married Hanky and Pin

As My Little Girl Gets Married There you are in your wedding gown, The world's most beautiful bride, And though I'm truly happy for you, I'm holding back tears inside. For it seems like only a moment ago That I first held you in my arms-- The world's most beautiful baby, Enchanting us with your charms. You grew into the most beautiful girl, And I watched you dress up and play, Giggling with friends about boys And who you might marry someday. Soon you became a young woman And dated the world's luckiest guys, But never with any of them did I see The light that shines now in your eyes. I can see how deeply you care for this man, And the power of your emotion. I can tell he already has your love And will soon have your lifelong devotion. So remember as you take his hand To begin your life together-- You'll always be my little girl... And I'll love you forever and ever.
$14.95 from Thank You Ink.


Twistie said...

(burps uneasily)

My father gave me a hanky as a wedding gift. It didn't, however, come with a glurpy card with a verse that would make Hallmark blush with the ickiness of it. He got me my wedding hanky in Brugges, and it was trimmed with handmade lace, and he got it for me because I make lace myself, but hadn't had time to make a wedding hanky, what with making the lace for my gown (all eleven yards of it!) and making the garter.

He also got lovely lace-trimmed hankies for all my bridesmaids. Each one had an initial embroidered in the corner, so they were sort of personalized, too! What I can't get over is that he did that entirely on his own as a nice surprise for me.

My wedding hanky makes me choke up with happy memories. This thing would have made me choke, too, but for a very different reason.

Riona said...

twistie, that sounds genuinely beautiful, and personal.

As a knitter, I'm like: ELEVEN YARDS OF LACE? I bow before you. I had great plans for a shawl, but with two weeks to go, gotta admit it's not going to happen. Perhaps a sock.

Twistie said...

I think the lace issue is the reason my beloved calculated a date about twenty months post-proposal! LOL! He knew I was going to be insane enough to do that.

If it helps at all, it was very narrow lace (eight pairs, for any bobbin lacers out there reading this). And I did a lot of lacemaking demonstrations in those days, which allowed me to get a lot of yardage done on the weekends. During the weeks, I did it while watching TV.

As for my dad's hanky generosity, well, that was just plain cool. He was a hell of a guy.

Dataceptionist said...

I cannot even fathom the intricacies of handmaking lace, I always imagined it was machine made.

Riona said...

Ah, you see, Limerick (where I come from) is famous for lace. And ham. And rugby.

Twistie said...

Actually, Dataceptionist, I find making lace a very Zen activity. It also keeps my hands busy while my eyes are watching TV.

Lace has been machine made since the 19th century, but before that it was all made by hand.

Amanda said...


Amanda said...

(also, wow on the lace making. I am trying to knit my first lace and I'm terrible at it.)

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Anonymous said...

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JMorgan said...

Way to tell your daughter "But honey, you're only a little girl!"

Seriously. I appreciate the sentiment, but somehow I would rather have my mother tell me that she FINALLY believes I am grown up for real this time, rather than some sentimental spiel about how I will always be a baby to her.