Thursday, January 11, 2007

National Delurking Week

You know something? I'm a bad blogger. (Wedding, honeymoon, new job, remodel, vacation ...) But I've been inspired, and will be posting more regularly from tomorrow. In the meantime, go check out Offbeat Bride -- right here in snowy Seattle. And hey - it's delurking week. I don't always comment myself, but I just squeal with delight when someone leaves me a comment. (Unless it's just plain mean. And even then ...) I'd just love it if you left a comment - it would be awesome to see who drops by, what you're thinking, who you are, and where you do the blogging yourself. Here's to a nonGodawful 2007 to you all.


Anonymous said...

Hello Riona, I stumbled upon your blog two weeks ago... you are tres cool. Love your sense of humor and writing. Do make your way down to Australia, it is beautiful. I lived there for the past 4 years and I miss it already.

I don't think you've ever mentioned videography in your blog... I know it rings cheese bells at the very mention of it, and there's a lot of wonderfully godawful material out there. I should know, I am a videographer and have to fight the stigma... I hope my work isn't godawful:

PS. Just when I started to back out of running and possibly training for a marathon, I found your blog-- and some inspiration :)

Verity Kindle said...

Hi Riona,

I just discovered your blog today! It's going on my favorites list, for my hypothetical wedding. thanks

jeanne said...

I'm sorry I missed National Delurking Week, but I thought I'd say "Hey!" anyway.

I just found your blog and am still giggling. If hell ever freezes and I get married, will you plan the blessed event for me so I don't go completely spare and murder everyone I know?


Riona said...

Leyda, Verity and Jeanne - so glad you dropped by! (Leyda has a very cool website, btw -

Dataceptionist said...

HI Riona!
I've been a bad blog reader...I admit I sort of stopped checking, and today I noticed I still have you as a link on my page so I clicked, and Yay! Many happy posts about godawful wedding crap! Happy days.
I'll read again!! I promise!

JaneDoe said...

Hi! I just disovered this blog and it's great, my cynical self feels right at home :) I have a feminist/political blog I'd love you all to visit!

Gaudior said...

Hi! I realize I've found this blog long after you stopped doing it, but I just wanted to say--it's *awesome*! I've been looking for someone to properly mock the wedding-industrial complex, and you do a wonderful job! Thanks so much, this is awesome!