Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How Honeymoon Registries Get Rich Off Your Money

Great article from Make Love Not Debt. Example, based on $3000 honeymoon:
Setup fee: $150 Commission: 15% of $3,000 = $450 Interest: 6% of $3,000 = $180 100 Announcement Cards: 100 cards @ 50c = $50 Rush service fee: $25 Total Revenue: $855 That's $855 that could have been spent on the honeymoon itself. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

Haaaaate honeymoon registries!

I can't imagine trying to convince the guests to pay for the honeymoon. Bleah.

Also, most honeymoon registries offer 'items' like massages, dinners at particular restaurants, experiences like swimming with dolphins...but the money actually comes to the travel agent/couple in a lump sum and they can put your gift of swimming with dolphins into upgrading the room or flying first class instead. There's no guarantee that the gift you've chosen from the registry is the one the happy couple will spend the cash on.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to identify myself. (waves) Twistie here.

Stefani said...

I've often wondered about selling pre-paid divorce services as another option on the bridal registry. An especially good gift for the guest who has an issue with the intended.

Stefani Quane,
Lawlady Inc.
Prenups and Divorce for
People Who Dare to Love

Never teh Bride said...

Oh my gosh you're posting again! Yay!