Monday, January 29, 2007

More hankies!

A wonderful gift for your Mother to dry her tears as you wed. "Mother…This loving reminder for all the years you dried my tears".
My own mother would glance at this suspiciously before dismissing it (and rightly so) as "too little, too late."


Anonymous said...

(blows nose on that horrible thing)

If my mother had still been around when I got married (she died three years before I tied the knot, but knew and loved my beloved), I would have given her a hanky. But I would have made the lace myself and there wouldn't have been some tacky verse embroidered on it.

If she'd been presented with that thing, she'd never have spoken to me again.


Riona said...

yo twistie!

Anonymous said...

Yo, riona!

It's so good to have you back again!


Anonymous said...

Each bride has a different relationship with their mother, some mother's would love this gift, others might not. Personal opinions are in order with this gift.. don't knock it just because it's not something you'd ever give your mother!