Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fabulous wedding etiquette advice

"If you are like most people, you will waste a lot of time wondering about the proper way to address a female friend of yours who is a doctor, married and has kept her maiden name. "
Um, no. Nope. Never. Why on earth would you? Hasn't she made it very clear how she wants to be addressed? Where is the problem here? And just in case you were
Avoid using Ms. in social stationery. It is typically more appropriate for business.
Don't even think about it. More help here.


The Lowe said...

You're back. Feckin' thrilled to bits.

Ariel said...

Yes, please never go away again.

Sycorax said...

"Avoid using Ms. in social stationery. It is more appropriate for business. Also to be avoided is any mention of a married woman's first name, professional title, or anything else that might suggest that she has a mind of some sort. It is unseemly."

They never do describe the proper way to address an invitation to a married female doctor who has had the temerity to keep her own surname. Perhaps they advocate cutting such undesirable persons from the invitation list completely, lest these harpies confuse the blushing bride with notions that would interfere with her becoming accustomed to her new life of glorious subjugation.

(Good to have you back, BTW.)

Riona said...

*waves at ariel and the lowe* Sycorax, you speak the truth.

adv said...

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