Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nothing that can't be fixed with a little Photoshop

So there I was, googling for first anniversary gift ideas, when what did I see only this?

The good people at MyDaVinci ("Art that clicks") will take your photos and Photoshop your faces onto the painting of your choice. While I can't imagine spending the rest of my life staring at a picture of myself and himself besporting ourselves in the woods, I have to admit I'm tempted by the American Gothic version: Or I could surprise him on his birthday with a portrait of himself:

My DaVinci. It's brilliant.


Jarrett Carter said...

Did I mention that having a category named, "WTF" is hilarious on many levels?

Especially when you see the highlighted merchandise.

an9ie said...

Sigh - defacing the masters now. Is nothing sacred!?!

Anonymous said...

Actually,good post. thx

adv said...

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Eston said...
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