Thursday, June 28, 2007

Advice for fabulous wedding bathrooms

from The Knot's article Restrooms 101 (bogs for beginners):

Really love your wedding colors? Add coordinating dye to the toilet water. Fill the bathroom floor with rose petals. Play your ceremony music on CD. Reception hall doesn't come with restroom attendants? Hire your own private Jeeves.

Add. Dye. To. The. Toilet. Water. This is a level of attention to detail I, with my boring vanilla toilet water, can't even begin to imagine. This person must be terrifying in the office. Find out more here.


Anonymous said...

Wow. The stuff people come up with when they have waaaayyyy too much time on their hands.


Never teh Bride said...


Diva said...

I agree. Some people have too much free time. But it's amazing how these "experts" make silly things seem so necessary.

Anonymous said...

Christ. Can't wait for the first idiot to actually do this. That's a science project waiting to happen - remember "yellow and blue make green?" I don't want to think of the color combos on this one.

Lindsay said...

Wouldn't dye in the toilet water dissappear after the first flush? Sorry, I'm not a plumbing professional, so obviously I'm not smart enough for the Knot.
LOVE. YOUR. BLOG. Wish you had an RSS feed. I'll keep reading as I slouch toward the altar.

anony non said...

My main wedding color was red. I can't imagine trying to dye toilet water that color, or what it would symbolize to the guests.

Lara said...

When I saw your post I immediately thought of this article:,0,4053132.story

Guess you can start color-coordinating most things. Whether it makes sense or not.

steve the plumber said...

Advice for fabulous wedding bathrooms

Thanks for sharing