Monday, March 26, 2007

Your Own Wedding Chapel

Cruising BoingBoing today, we noticed that the splendidly named WillyGoats, Inc. is offering a wedding chapel for sale on Amazon, priced to move at $20,319.97 (though not eligible for free shipping via Prime).
portable wedding chapel
I'd love to see a list: People who bought a mobile wedding chapel also bought ...


Anonymous said...

(giggles into tea)

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, that was me.


Jhong Ren said...

While surfing through the net, I have come across your site and found it impressive.

Mine is "My Wedding Blog" called and I would love to go for a link exchange with you.

your post is really interesting...a chapel that is mobile...very unique indeed

adv said...

You need to check out these guys - My sister used them for her weddings. They are AMAZINNNG !! Cover all of the UK too. And if your not 100% happy with their work they will give you a FULL refund.