Monday, March 26, 2007

Mrs Stiffler!

Eagle-eyed Agent Caroline points out that Advantage Bridal is offering a personalized wedding thong.

mrs. stiffler wedding thong
Take a closer look at that name embroidered on the thong: yes, it's Mrs. Stiffler: the super jerk of the American Pie movie series!


Subspace said...

Jesus, that doesn't look like a thong, it looks like some kind of medical bandage.

Funk Luscious said...
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Funk Luscious said...

I found this to be so funny because I am the actual designer! My husband and I were laughing hysterically over the "medical bandage" comment. We appreciate all comments especially the ones that make us laugh. FYI - the Mrs. Stiffler happens to be me and that happens to be my wedding date!

Riona said...

Funk! Glad you like it!

adv said...

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