Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sit On Me

Oh man. I can't decide which would be sweeter: putting my own face on a tote bag and carrying it around in public, or presenting all my friends with the pillow of their dreams. photo of a bride on a pillow and a tote bag


Carolyn said...

That's truly awful!

Anonymous said...

You know, that's one of the most frightening concepts...that you'd really think the thing your friends and family would like most is to carry a tote of you in your wedding finery or that they'd long to decorate with your face on a sofa or bed.

The level of delusion/pathology required is truly staggering, and yet this company is still in business. I fear for humanity.


Jhong Ren said...

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Anonymous said...

I would sooooo do this and give one to my sister as a joke, but...$99.95? Yeesh.

The scary part is, you know that somewhere in the world, someone's Nana has decorated her entire den in these pillows.... :)

LOVE this site!!

megan said...

wow. just.... wow.

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Eston said...
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